The Pros and Cons of Rental Properties

By: Shirley Martin, Tidy Life Today Whether you have inherited a property or you have some extra money and are thinking of investing in one, many people are faced at some point with the possibility of going into the rental market. A rental property can be an excellent financial asset, but it is important to […]

How to Calculate Capital Gaines

When you sell a stock, you owe taxes on the difference between what you paid for the stock and how much you got for the sale. The same holds true in home sales, but there are other considerations. Download this helpful worksheet that can assist you in calculating Capital Gaines.

Pitfalls in Real Estate

If you are interested in investing in real estate, there are some things that you are going to want to do and common pitfalls that you are going to want to avoid. It is important to note that investing in real estate takes time, patience, and most importantly, cash. You probably shouldn’t invest in real estate until […]

Protect Your Investment

The impact of COVID-19 was swift and unexpected, leaving many people in a financial emergency. If you are a homeowner who is struggling or unable to meet your loan obligations, work with housing experts and your lender to find a solution, now. Don’t wait until you fall behind to seek help. Acting quickly may help […]

The importance of Title Insurance

Title Insurance protects consumers from financial loss and hardship related to unknown judgments and liens, forged transfers, inconsistencies within a property’s title or misapplication of fiduciary funds. Title insurance is an exclusively American invention. Its purpose was well stated in the first advertisement for title insurance back in the late 1800s: “This company insures the purchaser’s of […]

Title Insurance vs. Title Report vs. Title Search

The home buying process has a few fail-safes in place to make sure the home/property that you are about to purchase is owned by the person who is about to sell it to you. Title insurance, Title report, and Title search are all components of the home buying and closing process. Although each one is […]

How to Avoid Real Estate Wire Fraud Scams

Protect Yourself From Real Estate Wire Fraud Knowing what red flags to look out for is just the first step when it comes to protecting yourself from real estate wire transfer fraud. Knowing what actions to take if you suspect that a thief is trying to take advantage is also key to stopping these thief’s. […]

5 Common Closing Costs for Buyers

When purchasing a new home, there are some common closing costs for buyers. These include a variety of fees and other charges. So it’s important to have a complete understanding of all associated costs when purchasing a home. We have listed the 5 most common closing costs below to give you a better understanding of […]

Common Expenses for New Home Owners

After you’ve shelled out the cash for closing costs and a down payment, there are still a few more expenses to expect in addition to your monthly mortgage payment:  Homeowner’s insurance. Often referred to as “hazard insurance” on mortgage documents, homeowner’s insurance protects your investment (and the lender’s) from losses in the event of property damage, […]