Realtors and Nona Title: Create a Thriving Partnership

Our goal at Nona Title is to help Realtors transform their idea of a relationship with a title company into smooth and efficient partnership with us.

A successful partnership with Nona Title includes excellent communication during the transaction process, attention to detail, a stress free closing experience for everyone, guidance every step of the way and several other marketing benefits that are a true value to the sellers and buyers.

Benefits of Partnering With Nona Title

There are many ways the right title insurance company can help realtors — here are a few ways that we support our agents:

Excellent Communication

When working with Nona Title, our partners (realtors and real estate agents) receive prompt and efficient communication during the entire process. You’ll work with a team that understands how to provide timely and accurate information to you and your clients throughout the entire process.

At Nona Title we use an online document portal and communication platform that is safe and secure and available 24 hours a day. This unique platform makes communication smooth and efficient from anywhere you can access the Internet.

An Efficient Closing Process

We give our partners the ability to get a head start on the municipal lien search and title search through our Green Light Listing process. This clears up any potential issues BEFORE we get to the closing table.

Our goal is a stress free closing every time.

Licensed Title Agents

Each of our title closers are licensed, well-versed and trained to handle the transaction. We follow regulations and use the best practice guidelines of trade associations.

We comply with all practices required by the American Land Title Association (ALTA), as well as, stay in line with all requirements of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Marketing: The Agent Advantage

We work with our partners on marketing listings and events. The Agent Advantage is a one of a kind marketing platform designed for real estate agents!

In an effort to help with listing and just sold marketing (and to ease some of the burden), we created The Agent Advantage to help agents get an advantage over the big teams and top players in the industry.

This is a HUGE benefit to the consumer!

As a seller, we get a running start on title searches for the property and clear up anything BEFORE we get to the closing table.

For the buyer, this prevents unnecessary delays in the purchase of the home.

Saving time and hassles and creating a stress free closing for all!

Our goal at Nona Title is to be the best title partner for real estate agents.