Remote Online Notarization

With COVID-19 comes new ways of doing business. Although we have always provided mobile closings  as part of our services, we are happy to share that our technology allows for Remote Online Notarization.


RON is when the notary is in one location and the signer is in another. Instead of being physically present in the same room, the necessary connection and verification is done through a secure audio/ visual feed or portal. Because of this, RON is also known as webcam notarization, online notarization or virtual notarization.

Digital Terms to Know

You have likely heard terms such as eClosing, eNotarization, eNote and others as technology in the industry has continued to evolve. While related, they are all slightly different and not interchangeable. Let’s breakdown the meaning and function of each term.


A closing process where one or more of the required closing documents are accessed and signed electronically. There are two categories of eClosings: hybrid and full. In a hybrid eClosing, only some of the closing documents are signed digitally. Other pieces still require in-person “wet” signatures. However, in a full digital closing, all documents are signed electronically.


The act of electronically affixing a notary signature and acknowledgement to a document. This practice is authorized in most states. This can still be done face-to-face.

Remote Online Notarization (RON)

An official notarization process that occurs online via a secure audio-visual connection where the signer and the notary are not in the same physical location. A successful RON still includes multiple verification steps. Signatures garnered this way hold the same weight as traditional notarized documents. A growing number of states are allowing their notaries to conduct business in this manner.


A mortgage where the critical loan documentation is created, executed, transferred and stored electronically, as opposed to physically on paper.


A document that must be tamper-sealed and has a special type of digital signature that guarantees data integrity. A timestamp attaches to the signature for an added layer of security.



Faster, more accurate transactions

RON allows a notary to get customer signatures in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks. The needed software allows users to require mandatory fields, and pre-signing the documents allows the lender and title agents time to review, which ensures completion and reduces operational errors. Speaking of speed, RON will also help us get the transaction to the closing table faster because it shortens a loan’s life cycle.

Safety and security

Utilizing RON reduces risk because it provides the transaction an additional layer of fraud prevention. On the most basic level, it also means that our mobile notaries don’t have to physically travel to clients’ homes or other locations.

We now have in house Remote Online Notarization

RON software is now a part of our full service of offerings so we can control virtual closings in house. 

A world-class customer experience and fully online, hybrid closings.

Our in house RON system supports all types of closings:

  • Mortgages   
  • HELOCs   ROnRefinances   
  • Cash Deals   
  • iBuyer

Putting security first.

10x more secure than visiting a traditional notary, every RON transaction receives sophisticated ID verification, audit trail and the highest level of security features.

The application development team has extensive experience building bank grade, highly secure software systems. Our data is transmitted and stored using industry-best data security practices. For example, all user communications are encrypted and all data at rest (such as documents) are protected using industry-specified encryption protocols such as AES-256. All application accesses are also tracked using an audit trail.

The security policies and systems are audited and tested on a regular basis. These include audits of internal security procedures and protocols, and also comprehensive penetration testing of our software and hardware environments to provide risk assessments of our applications and associated data.

The Process:

  • We Upload a Documents
  • Signers receive email invite
  • Verify Your Identity
  • Signers meet with title notary via webcam
  • Title Rep receives completed docs

Buyers and sellers can eSign and notarize the entire closing package online. Signers simply click, verify their identity, and meet with a live title notary via webcam.  Completed documents are delivered to both the signer and the closing title agent instantly.

There is a pre-approved list of lenders however, RON closings are file specific as we have to touch base with the lender to confirm that they accept RON closings. Please let your closer know if you would like to look into a RON closing!